We're a Tourist Animation Company that develops Aquatic Hikes everywhere in Portugal. Also, we proudly assure you that our caring and dynamic team members fulfill the higher levels of training standards in addition to unique natural and moral etiquette.

In addition to all the accompaniment and technical guidance throughout the activity, we're also available to discover and explore unknown sectors and organize all the events related to a specific river or stream.

Come along with us and venture out along the Portuguese rivers and streams. Allow yourself to be dazzled by the crystal clear waters and luxurious riverbanks. We guarantee maximum security and unlimited fun.



It is an introductory activity to Canyoning which consists of, safely and in a mind-boggling way, progress along a river or stream. It requires overcoming slippery rocks and little accentuated unevenness, taking advantage of jumps to the water, and natural water slides along the rocks. The adrenaline of these water slides joins the excitement of jumping into the pure and crystalline water, an inherent characteristic of the different sectors.

Are you ready?